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Order UK Driving licence without the theory test or practical exam.

You may have mastered driving and do not want to spend much on getting a driving licence or may need a driving license and not having much for the written test and practical session. Official Legit Documents is here to assist you with the entire process at an affordable cost. You can get the UK driving license with us at an affordable price without the theory or practicals. Buy UK Driving Licence Online in one click.

Our UK licences are authentic, original & verified, and can be checked at the DVLA database to confirm our work. We promise that you will enjoy a safe and secure journey with our Driving Licence UK.

Have you failed the driving test in the UK several due to lack of concentration, errors, stress, language constraints, or probably because the system is too demanding with their regulations in such exams?

Statistics have shown that for more than 20 years, the success rate for driving licences has fallen sharply as a result of the complex procedures in obtaining this document. A review of both theory and practical frightens candidates and/or potential candidates with Verified Driving License, we are here to reduce the stress, failure, and expenditure involved in getting a driving license in the United Kingdom. Buy UK Driving Licence Online and enjoy your ride. But, we DO NOT get rid of the formal and legal procedures involved but rather we take them under our control to ensure a seamless and smooth acquisition of your licence.


Note that there is a 0% failure rate with this procedure. All our applicants have benefited from a discrete and complete registration of their driving license with no legal complications while using. The only challenge we have faced so far is timing.

UK driver’s licence New Provisions and Validity


On February 1, 2020, the UK left the EU starting an 11-month transition period terminating on 31 December 2020, the EU flag will be removed from the UK driving license when the transition period ends.

UK licence owners living in the EU have been advised to swap their UK driving license for a local EU driving license before the transition period ends.

To begin with, we have several insiders and agents in the drivers affairs office helping with a quick registration. We ensure you get a 100% registered UK driving licence from us. After, the driving license UK is delivered through trusted and fast courier services such as DHL.


Getting a license with us is easy, you can either fill this form so that our agent will get to you or you can talk with an assistant directly. Either way, you will still be attended to but the latter is the most preferred as you shall get connected to a service correspondent as soon as possible.